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At The Owl Stop, we celebrate everything there is to love about owls. Our shop was created so that friends and fellow owl lovers could buy hard-to-find items to display their affection for these adorable creatures.

We’ve got plenty of cute owlish stuff to offer. First of all, we are pleased to present a number of clothes with owls for women – an owl printed T-shirt or maybe a blouse will add a stylish touch to your look and let you feel confident and pretty all the time! Moreover, you can choose matching owl jewelry to mark your individuality and to complete your image. Also, at our shop, you will find various accessories like bags, glasses and watches – all with owls on them!

Owl lovers would be happy to receive one of our protective cases for their smartphone or a couple of toys to decorate their room or their home. For that purpose, you can use one of our wall art stickers with owls. We are sure that amongst our merchandise, you will find some cool owl stuff you’d want to purchase.

If you like owls, our online shop is exactly what you need! Feel free to take a good look at our products and pick something to your liking. We offer only best quality owl-related things so that you could enjoy these items for as long as possible.

Magical, mysterious, mythological and sometimes even maligned, owls have been deeply embedded in the human psyche since time immemorial. Many cultures have depicted owls in diverse roles and guises – all designed to capture the spirit of this wonderful species. Images of owls can be found in hundreds of places and millions of ways – from costume jewellery to precious objects d’art throughout centuries of time.

Humans have sought out the company of owls for all sorts of reasons. As companions, as hunters and as subjects of art and literature, the owl holds a special place in human understanding and belief systems.

The word owl originated in early European languages. In old Norse, an Owl was known as “ugla”, and in old German, it was “uwila”. Both of these words may have been created as sounds that described the unique call of an Owl.

In Old English (about 600 A.D. to about 1000 A.D.), owl was “ule”, a word similar to the original Dutch word.

In Middle English (about 1000 A.D. to the 1400s), the word became “owle”, later shortened to the form we use today.

Throughout this time, various early written records have variations on this spelling, including “uwile”, “oule”, “owell”, “hoole”, and “howyell”.

Other ancient cultures also had words for “owl” that described the Owl’s hooting call – In India, Owls were once known as “oo-loo” and in Hebrew, “o-ah”.

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